Understand  Neighborhoods, Subdivisions & Communities  Like Never Before

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Community DNA helps you quickly understand demographics, economics, and trends such as crime statistics, income and net worth in a granular fashion not available before.

We segment this analysis into 3 broad categories:

  • Market comparisons

    We compare key indicators between any two areas to easily understand their similarities and differences. We routinely report 8 key indicators but have the ability to compare and contrast over 2,000 variables.

  • Lifestyles & Choices

    ESRI Tapestry Segmentation defines 14 groups and 67 distinct segments we refer to as  Lifestyles and Choices. Each provides easy to understand insight into neighborhoods or areas based on their socioeconomic indicators, demographic composition and lifestyles. To view all groups and segments, click here.

  • Infographics

    These are graphic visual representations of key demographic and economic information designed to present information quickly and clearly. We routinely report key demographic, education, business, employment, income and households by income ranges.
  • Other Research & Analysis

    Our custom reporting tools supplement our standard Community DNA. For example, we provide research and analysis specific to a property and its current or intended use.


    713.213.5960    laramie@swpre.com

    "My background spans Wall Street, tech, international real estate development, multi-family development and high net worth family real estate transaction management. I have lived and worked in Europe, NYC, Chicago, DFW and Houston."

    We are honored Laramie agreed to rejoin us as a SWPRE Houston Managing Partner. Laramie appreciates your recommendation of the very best Houstonians who also happen to be realtors.

    Laramie’s experiences span a compelling balance of cosmopolitan and international cultural immersions plus finance, investment, technology, development and real estate expertise.

    Laramie works primarily on referral. Her client base spans physicians, medical researchers, energy professionals, medical entrepreneurs, technology start-ups, executives, politicians and high net worth multi-generational family investments.

    Laramie has been affiliated with the most prestigious Houston based real estate companies including Martha Turner/Sotheby’s and John Daugherty. These experiences have provided Laramie unmatched expertise in Houston's preferred luxury building, subdivision and community areas. 

    Laramie is the consummate client relationship manager. Many of her clients and their families now consider her a personal family friend. It is common for Laramie’s out of state or international clients to fly into Houston and be greeted by Laramie at the airport/plane. Many stay with her at “The Driscoll.”

    Laramie embraces our commitment to providing global leading products and services. She is an advocate for a business approach to real estate based on a multi-disciplinary team structure.



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